History Edit

Second Age Edit

The Great Troll Empire was founded during the Second Age when several major tribes of Trolls gathered together and elected an emperor to formalize a unified defense against foreign incursions, particularly against the Lizarians. This union quickly grew to include all significant Troll settlements and became one of the most powerful political entities in the world.

The Great Troll Empire enjoyed remarkable stability during this period and Troll merchants were able to travel extensively, linking far off cities and settlements with their great merchant fleet.

The Great Collapse Edit

The prosperity of the Great Troll Empire was ended, however, by the arrival of the Elves. The Elves ravaged the world, driving several races to extinction and forcing the rest to form an alliance against them. The Great Troll Empire joined the war and Troll armies featured heavily in several battles against the Elves and the tide slowly started to turn in favor of the alliance.

The Elves would not allow themselves to be defeated so easily, however, and through concentrated magical effort caused the Second Cataclysm. Great environmental changes swept Akkadia, destroying glaciers and the great ice caps and raising the seal level significantly. The land bridge that connected the two major continental masses collapsed, dragging the Great Troll Empire down with it.

Third Age Edit

In the Third Age the Great Troll Empire exists in name only. The Captains still gather to elect an Emperor, but the cities and large centralized populations are gone, as are the army and navy that protected their independence. Now the Trolls live in countless small tribes on islands and coasts and owe any independence they have to isolation and mobility. Troll ships, once the merchants of the world, are now pirates raiding shipping and coastal settlements and making the Neu Sea nearly impassable.

Geography and Climate Edit

The Great Troll Empire is spread across thousands of miles of open sea and tropical islands. The land is full of lush jungles and poor land, leaving those dwelling within to look to the sea for sustenance. The weather is warm and humid and the region is prone to massive typhoons.

Government and Politics Edit

The Great Troll Empire does not have any substantive government. There is an Emperor who is elected by the tribal chieftains, but it is a purely ceremonial position held over from the days of the Second Age. Any real authority is split between the Captains, who sail the sea and raid, and the Chieftesses who stay on land and rule from home. Tribes and settlements will occasionally band together for a purpose, but these alliances are temporary and fall apart easily.

Economy Edit

Troll settlements are communal and inter-settlement trade is performed on a barter system, making currency practically useless within the empire. The lack of any smelting technology compounds issues by making coinage accessible only from raids and most Trolls will rework coins into more practical tools.

Products of the Great Troll Empire are largely food (tubers, fish, coconuts) and primitive tools made of wood and bone.

Culture Edit

Religion Edit

See: Troll Religion

Troll religion changed dramatically after the Elvish Cataclysm and the reformed religion is dominant across the empire. The Pre-Cataclysm religion still exists, but is only practiced secretly and its practices are violently repressed.

Gender and Society Edit

In the Great Troll Empire authority is divided between men and women, dependent on location. On land, women hold ultimate authority with wives running the household and governing authority being vested in the Chieftesses and Priestesses. At sea, however, men are the captains of the ships and the captain's rule is absolute.

Weapons Edit

Troll weapons are simple and heavily influenced by their relationship with the sea. Fishing spears are common, as are a variety of war clubs. Traditional swords are nonexistant outside of loot, but Trolls have adapted, making saw-like weapons with scraps of metal, obsidian, or shark teeth embedded in a flat wooden club.

Other traditional fighting equipment includes shark leather armor and tough coconut fiber clothing.