The Immortal Empire was a country during the Third Age that existed on and unified the Southern Continent. It is named for its founder and only ruling monarch, The Immortal Empress.

History Edit

War of Ablan Succession Edit

Prior to the founding of the Immortal Empire, the Southern Continent was a complex system of feudal states and unorganized barbarous lands. War was common and in the years leading up to the formation of the Immortal Empire a terribly destructive succession war broke out between factions in the Kingdoms of Genland and Abla.

The war saw several nobles in both Genland and Abla claiming the Ablan throne and over thirty years of war failed to see someone secure a decisive victory. Countless people were dispossessed or killed and a reliance on mercenaries saw the emergence of powerful bandit clans and warlords. The breakdown in order in the wilder regions also led to an increase in power among cultists, Vampires, and Werewolves.

Siege of Aeliu Edit

The Siege of Aeliu was both the end of the War of Ablan Succession and the beginning of the Immortal Empire. The siege occurred at the end of a particularly brutal four year campaign that ultimately saw the King of Genland laying siege to the capital of Abla. After several weeks preparation the Genland army attacked the walled city, breaching it at several points and fighting a fierce street to street battle.

Suddenly, a third army appeared. Vampires, Werewolves, Giants, mages and witches, barbarians, bandits, and mercenaries fall upon the Genland forces from the rear, led by a powerful and charismatic mage who would become the Immortal Empress. Her army, unified by promises of wealth and power, quickly decimated both Genland and Ablan forces, many of whom are mercenaries and turn sides in the middle of the fight. When the sun sets over the battlefield, both kings are dead along with most of the nobility in both countries.

Founding and Expansion Edit

After the battle at Aeliu events unfolded quickly with the Mage-General naming two of her followers as the kings of Genland and Abla and declaring herself Empress over both kingdoms. Lands were given out to the victorious army and soon many leaders in the barbarous lands were declaring fealty in order to have their rule formalized, particularly among the Vampire and Werewolf populations who felt marginalized and wanted to enter the world stage. By the end of the first year the Immortal Empire had solidified its hold on two of the most powerful kingdoms on the Southern Continent as well as vast stretches of land that had been thought to be untamable.

Over the next two decades the Empire quickly expanded across the continent through bloody wars, subterfuge, and political manipulation until the entire Southern Continent swore fealty to the Immortal Empress.

Reforms Edit

Calendar Edit

The Imperial Standard Calendar, with its beginning date at the coronation of the Immortal Empress, has become the standard calendar throughout the Southern Continent and beyond, replacing many other local calendars.

Currency Edit

Ownership of silver, including silver coinage, was banned in the Empire. In spite of this, the coinage standard among copper and gold coins has survived and remains stable well after the Empire's fall. Currency from thousands of miles and hundreds of years away is still easily convertible.

Orphanage System Edit

Orphans in the Immortal Empire were considered wards of the crown and raised in state-run orphanages. These children were well taken care of and had access to professional training and education, but were also exposed to the Imperial Cult and taught to believe in the Empress as a divine figure. The Empress' most loyal followers tended to come from the orphanage system.

Imperial Orders Edit

The Empire established several organizations to maintain order and Imperial authority.

Imperial Guard Edit

The Imperial Guard was the core of the Imperial army, professional soldiers outfitted with the best equipment and continuously trained to maintain order throughout the empire.

Owls Edit

The secret intelligence service of the Empress, Owls are members of the Thieves' Guild or Assassins' Guild who have shown exceptional ability and true belief in the divinity of the Empress. Their principle goal is the acquisition and dissemination of information in accordance with their Empress' wishes. Their identities are completely unknown and the Owls are one of the few organizations to survive the fall of the Empire.