Magic is the use of energy (Called Mana) to alter reality. It can be extremely dangerous and extensive magical use in an area can wear through the barriers between realities and have profound effects for generations to come. The extensive use of magic during the Second Age is responsible for the arrival of the Elves into Akkadia.

Schools of Magic Edit

Many different forms of magic exist and have been classified into groups to better organize thaumic knowledge. Many different systems for organizing this knowledge exist, but the most common groupings are:

Alchemy Edit

Alchemy is the study and application of the innate magic in materials. Students of Alchemy learn how to create magical potions, salves, or ointments to produce magical effects from healing to fire in a bottle and learn the magical properties of everything from herbs to unicorn horns.

Students of Alchemy are called Alchemists and are the most common type of magic user. Every town and city seems to have an alchemist, working to treat the locals injuries and illnesses.

Alteration Edit

Alteration is the study and application of magic to alter the properties of the physical world. Students of Alteration learn how to transmute elements, harden their skin as a defense, or, for the more unscrupulous wizard, open locks. Wizards who specialize in Alteration magic are called Sorcerers.

Conjuration Edit

Conjuration is the study and application of magic to summon objects or beings from outside Akkadia. This magic is extremely dangerous and can have long term environmental effects as the barriers between realities is substantively weakened by its use. Students of conjuration learn how to summon weapons, spirits, and familiars, but can also summon Angels or Demons, two activities that are severely frowned upon. Wizards who specialize in Conjuration are called Conjurors.

Destruction Edit

Strictly speaking, Destruction is not a form of magic, but a use of it. Destruction is the use of magic for the purposes of inflicting harm or damage on others. Students of Destruction channel pure elemental energy against their opponents. It is a simple and brutish school and experts are much sought after by Kings and generals. Practitioners of the Destruction school are known as Mages.

Enchantment Edit

Enchantment is the imbuing of magic into material items. Enchantments have a wide range of abilities covering every school of magic and requires the wizard to have extensive education. Wizards who specialize in Enchantment are known as Enchanters.

Illusion Edit

Necromancy Edit

Restoration Edit