The people of Akkadia have long known they inhabit one of many worlds, or planes. While the true number of worlds may be unknowable, most scholars identify eight as the "closest" to Akkadia, arranged in a circle like a wheel around a hub.

Akkadia Edit

Called the center, or the hub of worlds, Akkadia is a world of mortals and legends, magic and the mundane. It is considered the crossroads, where the barriers between worlds is weak and can be easily crossed.

Heaven Edit

A realm consisting of a silver and ivory city floating in a sea of endless clouds and sky. Heaven is the home of Angels, avatars of order and servitude. This world is one of peace and serenity, but also slavery of both the body and soul. Those in Akkadia who suffer the pains of the mortal world often seek to open a path to this world, preferring the contentment of the slave to the pain of the free.

Hell Edit

The antithesis of Heaven, Hell is a city of brimstone and iron in a cave where the only light comes from lakes and rivers of fire. Hell is the home of Demons, hedonistic and self-pleasing beasts that lack any empathy and thrive on the suffering of others. Hell is a place of pain and fear, but also fulfillment of any base physical desire. Paths to Hell are opened by those seeking power or wealth and are encouraged to pursue any twisted fantasy by the denizens within.

Aesiria Edit

The land of the gods. Aesiria is where deities build their homes, fueled by the belief of the living. This is a chaotic world, infinite in scope and possibility where the only limit is the imagination of gods and their follower's faith. Only those with divine blood may enter this realm, though many strive to become worthy.

Tartry Edit

The land of the dead, where mortals go when they die. A bleak, grey wasteland with icy cold rivers and pools of stagnant water. The land is devoid of plants and animals, there are no fish in the rivers and no birds in the sky. When a mortal dies, they travel to Tartry with all the accompaniments they were sent off with. In this way there is a sort of life that has developed. Coins from countless civilizations circulate, goods from small trinkets to giant ships trade hands, soldiers from warring nations continue an eternal fight or come together in peace.